Enuresis Alarms for Bedwetting

Enuresis Alarms for Bedwetting

Enuresis is a Greek term that means a repeated inability to control urination. Use of the term is usually limited to describing people old enough to be expected to exercise such control. Involuntary urination is also known as urinary incontinence.

Types of enuresis include:
Nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) that occurs in the night while asleep.
Diurnal enuresis which occurs during the day while the patient is awake.
Mixed enuresis is a combination of nocturnal and diurnal type.

AwareGIVER™ Enuresis Alarms are bed liquid nocturnal enuresis sensor pads with included alarm. The pads come in various sizes and works on any bed, for any size person. The alarm sounds immediately when liquid is detected on the sensor pad, alerting caregiver to attend to the patient.

Patient dignity is our top priority.  This alarm alerts caregivers the moment accidents happen, allowing for instant response to minimize patient contact time
with the urine.

To use, simply place the pad under the first sheet of any bed at roughly waist-level of where the patient would be if they were lying down. Placement doesn't require an exact science because liquid spreads, and one single drop of wetness can trigger the alarm.

The pads are reusable.  Simply clean the pad with a mild disinfectant, let it dry, and put it back into use.