Safety Doesn't Happen By Accident

Personal Alarm with Lanyard, Big Button 1 Touch Activation, Emergency Locator Light, Wearable, LED Light, Self Defense for Women, Children, Elderly, Caregiver, Student, Safety, Loudest, Siren

  • EMERGENCY ALARM : 125dB panic emergency/nurse call alarm with big button activation

  • WEARABLE : Pendant style alarm with neck lanyard and tear-away lanyard clasp

  • EASY : Designed specifically so that dexterity is not required to activate and deactivate the alarm

  • BATTERIES INCLUDED : Preloaded and user replaceable regular alkaline batteries included

130dB Panic Personal Alarm with Pull Pin Rip Cord Activation (Professional Grade) LED Light,Self Defense for Women,Children,Elderly,Caregiver, Student,Safety,Loudest,Siren,Police, Military

  • LOUDEST : 130dB panic emergency alarm

  • QUICK ACTIVATION : Emergency rip cord pull pin activation

  • RUGGED : Weather resistant, tough ABS plastic crush resistant housing

  • LED FLASHLIGHT : surprisingly bright for immediate area illumination

About Personal Alarms : Personal alarms are ideal for college students, high school students, middle school students, or anyone who needs self defense. They're legal everywhere, including in all 50 states and even on airplanes. Personal alarms require no training to use, and nearly anyone can use them. Wearable models, like the neck lanyard personal alarm from Giver are easy to activate with a touch of a button, and the same button turns the alarm off. Pin activated models, like the Code Blue alarm from giver, feature a pull pin style activation attached to a rip cord. The only way to silence the alarm is by precisely replacing the pin, making these type of alarms preferred for high risk situations. Both models have an added convenience feature of a push button LED penlight, to illuminate a walking path or to help you find a dorm room key hole at night. We recommend these models for active use, as a safe alternative to pepper spray. A personal alarm can never be used against you, and it provides you with an attention getting shrill blast while the potential assailant gets exactly what they didn't want - attention. The alarms come preloaded with the first set of batteries, which we recommend you replace at least annually or in the event the alarm or light was activated for an extended period of time. An ideal companion for a backpack, purse or briefcase, personal alarms have become a safe non-lethal self defense strategy. Criminals flee when they hear an alarm, preferring softer targets and easier marks. Activating an alarm many times can buy you critical seconds. Just recently, we spoke with an international mixed martial arts instructor who recently completed an assignment training the New York City police department in hand to hand combat. He said that in an escalation, you typically have five seconds or less to take action before you lose the ability to proactively respond to an adversarial situation. The use of the personal alarms may provide a few additional critical seconds during a window where every second could be the difference between life and death.

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